Our company philosophy is based on the pillars of customer orientation, employee orientation, sustainability and quality. The success of our company depends on the stability of these pillars. We do our best every day in order to uphold these. Our more than 100 years of existence proves that our approach is right.  

Customer orientation

Thanks to our flexible way of working as a general contractor, the customer receives all services from one source, bound underneath one roof. Our reliable team is able to quickly and professionally act and to fulfil special wishes. We have already been able to convince and satisfy numerous customers due to our flexible and professional way of working. 

Employee orientation

Our way of working is characterised by honesty, reliability, authenticity and professionalism not only externally but also within the company. We are interested in a long-term, partner like, trustworthy and successful relationship to our employees. Many of our employees have already worked in our team for decades. . 


In our tradition, which is more than 100 years old, we consciously depend on sustainability in our fast moving times. We accompany our projects over long time spans and identify ourselves correspendingly with what we can do and what we do daily. The relationship to our customers and our employees often spans decades. We also depend on the sustainability of the services which we render day by day. The buildings which we have built stand for longevity and high quality.  


Qualitative high grade work is our top goal. For us it is important to guarantee the customers the best possible service – at fair and cost-efficient conditions. With our company’s orientation on solid performance, as well as innovation, reliability and transparency, we set the scale in our branch.  

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