Modern construction and process engineering make an important contribution to the protection and preservation of our environment. Thus in addition to the traditional application fields, the wide field of environmental technology, combined under the roof of MinERALiX GmbH, has become part of our work.

As certified member of the monitoring community BAUEN FÜR DEN UMWELTSCHUTZ e.V. (Building for Environmental Protection Association), we have special qualifications for the implementation of environmentally sound projects.

Through our own aggregate depositories, we are able to make available to our customers at all times intermediate storage areas for dangerous materials.

When needed, we can condition and process in these areas. Together with our sand and gravel plant, we have material buffers which make it possible for us at all times to solve logistical problems properly and to optimally realise material flows.

Clean up of contaminated sites

As a complete provider and project manager when it comes to the development of used sites, we and the project partners are authorised according to BBodSchG (Federal Soil Protection Act) to carry out decontamination measures, securing measures and measures for the removal or avoidance of hazardous changes of the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of the soil in the scope of the clean up of contaminated sites.

Land recycling

Land is the central resource for communal development. For each commune, it is limited and due to its location-bound economic and ecological qualities usually also scarce. Therefore professional and competent land reclamation of already used land is of great importance. It is usually combined with the removal of old building structures.

Through the expertise and technical qualification, the reliability and performance of the certified Construction for the Environment companies, the builders are guaranteed a resilient classification of the qualities of the materials to be disposed of and a planned and realisable material flow management.

Construction of landfills

Modern domestic waste landfills are precision construction sites which can only be built by specialists who can prove their expertise. For the sealing of land for landfills for so-called long term storage facilities according to the landfill ordinances (DepV), today numerous technical demands must be adhered to. Above all, groundwater and the soil must effectively be protected against hazardous materials. The construction of these technical barriers, which are described as a surface and basic sealing, place the highest professional demands on the planners and builders.

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