Grötherm optimally combines heat insulation with ideal vapour diffusion processes and thus does not influence the room climate and the living quality of your rooms in any way. Energy can be saved in hardly any other area as simply and efficiently as with heat insulation. We will lower your heating costs and you will make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

Standardised insulation plaster

The Grötherm heat insulation plaster system combines the demands of environmental protection with the aesthetic demands of builders with the 2-layer system. The lower or insulation plaster contains approx. 90% highly insulating expandible beads and some 10% mineral binding agent and additive. The thermal condution characteristic value is at 0.07 W (m²K). As an outer plaster, you can select between mineral plasters with various structures and colours.

Systems for older and new buildings

The conversion of older pieces of real estate with efficient heat protection is an important topic in view of increasing energy costs and stricter and stricter heat protection ordinances. Especially when dealing with older buildings, Grötherm is an insulation plaster carrier system which is easy to assemble and which saves money, because it can also be applied to old plaster which is not capable of bearing or which has faulty absorbance without any problems.

Production of polystyrene

In our polystyrene production in Gaggenau-Bad Rotenfels, in a chemical process we produce loose polystyrene balls from polystyrene basic granules with a diameter of 0.5 mm – 1.2 mm. We use this polystyrene powder in the production of our insulation plaster. With a capacity of 30,000 cubic metres (m³) annually, we are also able to supply other manufacturers of plaster.


Technisches Merkblatt

Leitlinien für das Verputzen von Mauerwerk und Beton.
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