Our specialists for concrete prefabricated parts forms (in connection with our cement prefabricated parts plant in Gaggenau-Bad Rotenfels) the foundation for the quality of our flexible cement prefabricated parts and noise protection wall production.

Concrete prefabricated parts made to order

Our concrete prefabricated parts like massive wall and sandwich plates or stairs and balcony elements have a sustaining function, not only figuratively, in the planning and production of your building project. We deliver in time with a quality guarantee, in exposed and washed out concrete, with or without platform – and if you like with non-slip profiles.

In the case of the exposed concrete variation, also an individual colouring or a combination with structured surfaces is possible according to your wishes.

The production and planning then occurs tailored to the wishes of our customers. From the beginning on, we would be glad to take care of the production, the transport and the professional assembly.

Noise protection walls

Our patented noise protection walls are an efficient and aesthetic solution to unburden the environment. Selectively made of various material, they optimally fit into the existing landscape and measure up to a high design demand.
So that the noise stays where it originates, our engineers have come up with several ideas. With our absorbing noise protection walls, we offer a variation for noise protection for roads and tracks which leads to inexpensive solutions, especially in subordinate spheres. The noise which hits the noise protection wall can be thus reduced by between 4 dB and 8 dB.
With our highly absorbing noise protection walls according to the national emission protection laws an absorption of at least 8 dB of the noise hitting the wall is reached.

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