The track system SYSTEME GRÖTZ BSO ®/MK; which has been tested for many years with ongoing railway operation, represents an innovative technology in trough design, both for the new construction as well as the construction of the inter city and regional railway network.

With the noise and vibration reducing function, the high quality construction as well as the stable track set, which is stable in the long run during high speed traffic, economic risks of the railway traffic carrier are drastically reduced and at the same time the acceptance of nearby residents is increased.

Sound and vibration protection

With the application of the track system SYSTEME GRÖTZ BSO®/MK, we have available an inexpensive and efficient protection concept as a solution to noise and vibration emissions from railway traffic.

Depending on the type of train and the speed, available foundation soil as well as constructive characteristics of the neighbouring buildings, a lowering of the vibration emissions of at least 50% (=6 db) as well as the secondary airborne noise level can be reached.

The track system SYSTEME GRÖTZ BSO®/MK is currently the most effective possibility to sufficiently lower noise and vibration emissions from above ground railway traffic.

High speed

Taking into consideration economic specifications for future railway lines which are to be developed and newly constructed for high speeds (> 200 km/h), the track system SYSTEME GRÖTZ BSO®/MK represents a true alternative to gravelless track systems.

An important advantage is that through the lateral fixture of the gravel bed encased in the trough, a sustainably good track laying quality, even with high operational demands, can be proven.

The system is able to both bypass and compensate for weak points and unevenness in the underground as well as in the bed.

Flood protection

The track system SYSTEME GRÖTZ BSO®/MK in particular offers an inexpensive solution for the sustainable securing of the rail tracks even in regions with a high groundwater levels or regional flooding as well as with tracks through local gaps in the terrain with their variable construction elements.

The surface water within the trough track in this connection is diverted without backing in closed drainage systems.



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