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Development of the combined transport terminal on the grounds of BASF SE
The combined transport terminal on the grounds of BASF SE serves as a reloading site for loading units which can be transported by crane like containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers from the street to the railway and vice versa. The development of the combined transport terminal took place in an area of 130,000 square metres. With the third development stage, the capacity of the terminal will be expanded from 300,000 to 500,000 load units each year.


Construction period
January 2010 - June 2011

Construction site
Ludwigshafen on the Rhine

Cost of the order
€ 6,100,000

Data and facts
200,000 t gravel sand / gravel, 90,000 t canal excavation and removal, 3,000 m canal (PVC 150-300, SB 400-500), 40 pieces reinforced concrete shafts, 1,300 m supply lines, 9,000 m cable lines, 3,000 m sewage pressure pipes, 6 pieces electronic transmission stations, 25,000 square metres of subsoil improvement, 15,000 square metres plane, 5,000 cubic metres of ballast substructure, 
2,000 cubic metres of hard broken stone, 4,500 t asphalt layers, 2,000 m channels, 2,000 m skirt, 1,000 cubic metres drain layer, 1,800 m plant fenc

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