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New construction dm logistics centre in Weilerswist near Cologne
In the spring of 2010, in Weilersweist near Cologne one of the most innovative and most modern logistics centres began operation. The company dm-Drogeriemarkt from Karlsruhe had a complex built on a gross surface of around 75,000 which unified office, warehouse and technique centre under the same roof and which offered more than 1,000 people jobs. One of the main tasks was to create a place which in spite of the size of its structures and storage space and its sophisticated technology remains manageable. The result is a building complex which appears to be an overall work of art due to its unique colouring and forms and still is geared towards the people who work there. The structure includes ten kilometres of haulage ways, five kilometres of commissioning passages, 500,000 cubic metres of reconstructed space, 20 kilometres of conveyors, 163 electronic trolley conveyors as well as several hundred electronic shafts – all perfectly designed and with coordinated colours. Photographs: Hörmann

Swisslog AG

Construction period
January 2008 - October 2009

Construction site
Weilerswist near Cologne

Cost of the order
€ 32,000,000

Data and facts
190,000 cubic metres soil movements, 9,000 running metres canal construction, 7,500 sm cement pavement water supply law, 14,000 sm cement pavement without water supply law, 32,000 sm pavement work,
3,800 t reinforcing steel, 43,000 sm baseplates, 26,000 cubic metres site concrete,
7,500 running metres roof beams and binders, 300 pieces pillars, 11,000 sm wall plates,
10,000 sm interior plaster, 3,500 sm posts shelves facades, 50,000 sm paint work

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